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The Way Of The Cross

The Way Of The Cross - Praise

Read Philippians 2:7-8. The words humbler/humble/humbled mean I am lifting God and God's desires above all else.

A great definition of humble reminds us that humility is not putting one's self down but lifting God up.

Looking at your life this day and how He has blessed you, what leads you to lift His name in praise?

How did Jesus' sacrifice on the cross lift up Godís name for praise?

The Way Of The Cross - Attitude

Read Philippians 2:7-8. The word slave -- the very nature of a servant -- means Jesus gave up the privilege of divinity for the opportunity to "slave."

In the New Testament, the Greek word, doulos, is translated slave or servant; it means slave.

If we have the same attitude as Jesus, and that means slave, then God is our master.

Servants have a choice of saying "no," slaves do not. Where are you saying "no" to God that you need to say "yes?"