Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

The Christian Walk

The Christian Walk - Growth

Read Luke 9:59-60. The duty of burial superseded even study of the Law, service in the Temple, killing the Passover sacrifice, or circumcision. Not to bury a parent was "scandalous."

Thus, although the second man's request was reasonable, he may have wanted to wait until after his father's death, which may have been months or years away.

Where do you find the important matters of life getting in the way of your growth as one who walks with Jesus?

Where has God been moved to #2 in your life when He needs to be #1?

How do you keep God in that #1 position each day, especially today?

The Christian Walk - Fired Up Learning

Read Luke 9:52-56.

Fire had consumed men who challenged Moses' leadership (Numbers 16:35).

Elijah had called fire down upon soldiers sent to challenge his prophetic authority (2 Kings 1:9-16).

James and John believed the Samaritans deserved to be destroyed by fire from heaven, but Jesus rebuked them (Luke 9:55).

What lessons about Christhood and discipleship had they failed to learn (Luke 4:25-27 & Luke 6:27-38)?

What lessons does this incident teach you about walking with Jesus in life?

The Christian Walk - Journey To The Cross

Read Luke 9:51. From Luke 9:51-18:23, Luke records Jesus’ travel to Jerusalem for His Palm Sunday entrance, Good Friday, and Easter.

Why take so many chapters to record that journey?

When have you resolutely faced up to a situation that you knew was going to be difficult or even dangerous?

How did God see you through?

How did the “journey” to that situation develop you as one walking with Jesus in life?