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Bring Christ’s Love to Others

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“One of the greatest gifts we can give others is an invitation to serve God.” --  Andrew Weiseth

This week’s message is focused on:  What does the Body of Christ look like to the world? (You can listen via SoundCloud.) The message then examines four questions:

  1. What difference will it make?
  2. Who is in control?
  3. What have I done today that nobody but a Christian would do?
  4. Is Serve only what I do?

Monday: Read Mark 10:45. When the world looks at the church as the Body of Christ, what body part do they see the most? Why? What part do you see the most? Where do you see that you fit in the Body of Christ today?

Tuesday: Read 1 Peter 2:4-5. What difference does it make to serve according to Peter? According to your own experience? In what ways is God calling you to bring Christ’s love to others?

Wednesday: Read Luke 1:38. Who is in control in your life of service? Where do you find it challenging to let God have the final word on your life of serving others? Where do you need to spend time in prayer asking God to pry your fingers loose of the steering wheel of your life and let God be in the driver’s seat?

Thursday: Read John 13:14. Jesus washes his disciples feet. That’s something only a Christian would do. As you look at the last few days, where have you seen people serve in ways that only a Christian would do? Where have you served in such a way? What opportunities might you embrace for such powerful service today?

Friday: Read 1 Peter 3:15. Why does a serve approach need to be more than what we do but also what we say? How prepared are you to explain your hope in Christ? What step can you take this week to become more prepared to answer questions about your hope and faith in Christ?

Saturday: Read and memorize Mark 10:45. How has your view of serve changed this week? How have you seen serve in action to bring Christ’s love in deed and word to others? What has been your experience of serve? How do you hope to continue to serve?

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