Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

Perfect Love Drives Out Fear

Best Practice - Do Life Together

Read James 5:13-16. Do you pray more when you are in trouble or when things are going well?

What balance does James suggest in James 5:13?

How is physical healing connected with forgiveness of sins?

How can we provide other opportunities for mutual confession and prayer (James 5:16)?

What group of people do you process life with?

Have you begun praying to be a part of a Life Group (a Christ Lutheran small group that develops adult faith relationships)?

Look To Christ For Rescue

Read Romans 7:15-25. Are you ever baffled by your behavior?

You know the right thing to do, but you fail to do it. You resolve to avoid certain things, and they become even more attractive and enticing. Why?

What keeps us from translating our desires into actions?

Why is it important to realize that only Christ can rescue us from the power of sin?

When Paul realized that Jesus could rescue him from his wretched condition, he cried out, "Thanks be to God!" If this is your response too, spend time thanking him.