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Palm Sunday



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In place of our usual 6-day Grow, Pray, Study (G.P.S.) Guide, we encourage you to use the Lent 2021 Devotional Journal, which is available in hard copy at the back of the Square and
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When You Don’t Understand, Cry Out Hosanna

This weeks message encourages us to always say “Hosanna” when we find ourselves in a situation that we don’t understand.


Monday: Read John 12:12-19. What impresses you most about John’s recording of Palm Sunday? What details strike you as most significant or personally relevant? Why is the scene important? What do you think John wants to teach or reinforce to his readers? How does the scene make you feel?

Tuesday: Read Psalm 118:25-27. What is your Hosanna moment right now? Are you leaning more into crying God save me now or believing God’s salvation has come? What moves you in one direction or the other? Why?

Wednesday: Read John 12:13. The Jews take Psalm 118 and the phrase “King of Israel”. They were letting Jesus, God, and the Romans know their agenda. What is the best way to let God know our desires or our agenda? When do we cross the line in sharing our desires and our agenda?

Thursday: Read John 12:14-15. What message does Jesus send to the crowds with his entrance? How does He fulfill their desires and their needs? How does He fulfill your desires and needs today?

Friday: Read Philippians 2:5-11. Why was Jesus willing to be thoroughly humiliated? Why did Jesus have to die? In what specific ways is this a gift to receive? An example you can apply? A life changing story you celebrate and share with others?

Saturday: Read Psalm 118:22-23. Satan thinks he has won. Jesus is dead, the stone rejected. How does Verse 23 remind us that Easter is coming? Where in your life do you need to have an Easter experience? Pray for all of our Easter services and especially for the one you will attend.

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