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God Is Never Surprised & Always On His Time

Read John 11:1-5, John 11:14-23, & John 11:33-44. God’s timing is perfect, even when God appears to be catastrophically late.

In Verse 21, what were Mary’s thoughts about Jesus’ timing?

Often in life, it appears like Jesus shows up a few days late. Yet, his timing is perfect. How was Jesus’ timing in arriving at Bethany a good thing for all involved?

God Is Never Surprised - Always Present

Read Luke 24:13-32. God is present and involved in our lives, even when he seems to be absent. Why were the apostles confused and down?

What were they unable to understand and grasp?

What personal dilemma were they unable to resolve?

The apostles were unable to put the pieces of the puzzle together. They thought they were following the Messiah, but somehow they must have been wrong because he is now dead. Little did they realize that Jesus was with them. They couldn’t recognize him, but he was truly present. When was a difficult time in your life that now, as you look back, you see that God was very much with you?