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Kingdom Made

Kingdom Made

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Day 1: Revelation 1:4. In this verse, John doesn’t use the word faith, he uses words about faith as he describes how we are kingdom made. What “faith” words do you notice? What does it mean to have God working those words in your life? 

Day 2: Revelation 1:5. Jesus frees us from our sins ... from the past ... and has made us into something new ... and right now we are a kingdom made for such a time as this. Take time to confess your sins to Jesus and receive the forgiveness He gives!

Day 3: Revelation 1:6. Our purpose in life is to serve. Where can you start? God does not call us to do everything. But He does call you to do your particular part (not to earn His love, but to express His love) in His work in this world. What is one way God has gifted and made you so that you can contribute to His plan for the church and this world?

Day 4: John 18:37. Jesus invites us into this kingdom work of listening to truth and living His truth. Some might summarize that as simply following the rules, I’d say Jesus even more invites us into a living life changing relationship of a kingdom made living just for you. What has Jesus been saying about your life in the past week?

Day 5: John 18:36. Jesus calls His church, you, and me, to combat greed with contentment, lust with love, brutality with kindness, and power-grabbing with humble service. Where do you find it challenging to combat our world’s culture with the way of Jesus? Pray for an extra-measure to serve Christlike today.

Day 6: Revelation 1:8. The joy of kingdom made is you are not alone. Jesus is with you every step of the way, every step of your day and of your life. You are a kingdom made with Christ. You are a champion who serves with Him in this world. How are you experiencing and expressing His joy in your life?

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