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Fantastic Fathers

Raising The Value Of Fathers


NOTE: The sermons this week cover Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday services (June 15-18, 2017) and the G.P.S. is now order by Days since the last sermon you heard.  So, if  you go to Thursday service you start Day 1 on Friday.  If you go to Saturday service you start your Day 1 on Sunday.  And guess what?  If you go to Sunday service you start your Day 1 on Monday!  Pretty simple right?!?

Day 1: Read Ephesians 6:4. What three words or phrases would you use to describe your Dad? How do those words or phrases influence your understanding of your Heavenly Father?

Day 2: Read Luke 15:20b, 22-24. What fills your child’s or friend’s love bucket? What sacrifice might you need to make to have that bucket overflow?  

Day 3: Read Luke 15:12-14, 31-32. How does the father show both love and discipline with both of his sons? How do you see God showing both love and discipline in your life? Why are both needed and valuable in your life?

Day 4: Read Proverbs 22:15. How do you know when discipline is needed in a child’s life? In your life? What is the difference for you between “right size” discipline and wrong-size discipline?

Day 5: Read Luke 15:17. Who has been a positive example of the Christian faith in your life? What lessons did he or she teach you? What example are you giving to your family? To your friends? To your co-workers?

Day 6: Read Psalm 68:5. Where do you need to remember God’s fatherly love and care in your life today? Where can you bring that love and care of your Heavenly Father into someone else’s life today?

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