Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

Awakening To See God

Awakening To See God

Sun Rise In The Forest

Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

Day 1: Read Matthew 17:1-3. Where is God calling you to spend more time with Him? What holds you back from awakening to God’s presence at work in and through your life?

Day 2: Read Matthew 5:16 -- “Let your light shine.” Jesus doesn’t say: “Try harder to make your light shine.” Lamps don’t have to try hard. They just glow based on what’s going on inside them. That’s why awakening is a work only God can do. How have you seen the light of Jesus at work shine through others? Shine through you?

Day 3: Read Matthew 17:4. Peter wants to remain in this mountain moment. Where have you been tempted to stay in one area of life, when you knew God wanted you to move forward? What held you back? What finally moved you forward? Where do you need to move forward in your relationship with God today?

Day 4: Read Mark 9:6. Peter’s blunders reveal an important truth: awakening does not mean we understand, and think, and say, and do the right things. Actually, it’s very much the contrary. Awakening usually starts with getting things wrong. That’s why awakening is a work only God can do in your life. Where have you seen God take something wrong in your life and make it right? Where do you need to pray for His hand at work in your life today?

Day 5: Read Matthew 17:5. God the Father says similar words at Jesus’ baptism. God the Father adds one phrase here that wasn’t at Jesus’ baptism: “Listen to Him!” When? Every moment. Where? Every place. Why? He speaks truth with love. How? With a surrendered spirit. Do what he says. As you have been listening to God recently, what is He speaking into your life through His Word? Through your circumstances? Through the G.P.S. this week?

Day 6: Read Matthew 17:6-8. God the Father said they were to listen to Jesus. And the first thing Jesus says is not to condemn them. Rather, “Don’t be afraid. It’s me.” Jesus is with them. Jesus is with us on the mountain tops and in the valleys of life. Where do you need to pray to become aware of Jesus presence in your life today?

You can “GO DEEPER” by reading the book Eternity is Now in Session: A Radical Rediscovery of What Jesus Really Taught about Salvation, Eternity and Getting to the Good Place by John Ortberg.  This week’s message is heavily indebted to Chapter 4 from Eternity is Now in Session.

You can watch this week's sermon message or read the full PDF of the sermon message & GPS.