Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

40 Days In The Word

Picture It! - Who Are You?

Gps_icon1 Read Luke 10:38-42. The Picture It! Method of Bible Study is a great way to engage this story. Are you more Martha or Mary?

How do you picture Martha responding to Jesus’ words about her? About Mary?

How do you picture Mary responding to Jesus’ words about Martha? About her?

What do you picture the disciples thinking as they listen to this conversation/intervention?

God Has Come To Help His People - Picture It!

Read Luke 7:11-17.  The Picture it! method of Bible Study works great with tis story.  What do yo see as the two crowds meet?  

How do you identify with the pain of the widowed mother?

What do you see in the reaction of the mom when her son comes back to life?  

How do you picture the crowds responding?

The 12 disciples responding?

Who do you identify with most in the story?