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The Great O'Antiphons - Emmanuel
The Magi Visit The Messiah

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Day 1: Read Isaiah 52:7. In a world that often feels out of control, God remains in control. Where do you need to remind yourself God is in control? What worry do
you need to turn over to Him in prayer?

Day 2: Read Luke 2:14. Where do you sense God working peace in your world? What burden do you need to give to Him to receive the peace He brings?

Day 3: Read Isaiah 52:10. The path for peace on earth is the pain and price our Savior pays for on the cross. How has God been working in your life that brings peace and leads you to praise Him today?

Day 4: Read John 1:14. Jesus comes to earth to be with us. What pain is crying for Jesus presence in your life right now?

Day 5: Read Isaiah 52:8-9. How is peace coming into your life this day? Is there not merely an absence of conflict, but a sense of wholeness, meaning, and significance?

Day 6: Read Ephesians 1:2. Paul reminds us of the source of grace and peace is not circumstance but Jesus Christ and God our Father. He writes those grace and peace words from a prison cell. We live life best when we share what God has first given us: Himself, and then His grace & peace?

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