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Two Words - Be Still

Your Heavenly Home

Heavenly home

Day 1: Read Revelation 7:9-10. Who is in heaven? How did they get there?

Day 2: Read Revelation 7:13-14. Anyone can go to Heaven, but faith in Jesus who shed His blood is the only way into Heaven. That’s why outreach is so vital. What person and/or people are you praying to come to know Jesus today? Tomorrow?

Day 3: Read Revelation 7:11-12. The key in reading Revelation is Heaven’s emphasis on God and His desire to be in an eternal relationship with you and me. How have you heard heaven described? How does that compare with John’s vision?

Day 4: Read Revelation 7:15. We are invited to see God in the beauty of creation. The psalmist invites us to see God in the desolations before us? What beauty leads you to praise God? What “desolations” lead you to recognize and rejoice in God’s presence with you?

Day 5: Read Revelation 7:16. Think of what John’s image of what Is never in heaven mean to people who live in a desert. What do they mean for you when you think of heaven?

Day 6: Read Revelation 7:17. Jesus is at the center of the throne of heaven. He also desires to be the center of the throne of your heart. What keeps him out of guiding your life? What makes you more open to following Jesus in life each day.

Our annual theme for 2022/2023 is "DEVOTED" from Acts 2:42. 

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