Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

Pray Unceasingly
Serve Others

Witness Willingly

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Day 1: Read 1 Timothy 2:3-4. You’ve never locked eyes with someone Jesus doesn’t want to save. Who specifically by name are you praying for to come to Jesus? (If you have no names, pray for Jesus to lead you to someone to pray for this week.)

Day 2: Read Matthew 28:19-20. As you go through life today, think about the people who cross your path in conversation, at work, at home. Pray for God to draw each one closer to Him and to a living relationship with Jesus.

Day 3: Read Acts 17:28. How well do you listen to others? Think of a conversation you had yesterday, what do you remember the other person saying? How might that be a connection point with hearing then sharing Jesus?

Day 4: Read Acts 17:32. Think about someone you know who doesn’t know Jesus. What interests them? What do they talk about the most? How might the Holy Spirit be giving you some clues, some connection points, to hear their story and to tell Jesus’ story?

Day 5: Read 1Peter 3:15. Are you prepared to tell Jesus’ story? How has God been at work in your life so far this year? Write it out. Edit. Practice. Pray then be ready to share when the time comes.

Day 6: Read Colossians 4:5-6. What opportunities is God giving you to connect with others? How are you doing to seize those opportunities? Who might the Holy Spirit want to lead you to listen and share Jesus’ story?

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