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Simeon: Waiting With Hope
The Place Where Our Journey Begins

Wise Men: Where To Go When Life is Confusing

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Day 1: Read Isaiah 40:27-28. God is aware exactly of what you are facing. You can pray to Him about anything, but you won’t surprise Him with the situation or circumstances you pray. Somehow Israel forgot that truth back in Isaiah’s day, and so Isaiah reminds them in these two verses. Looking back over the past year, where do you need to remind yourself where God has been working in your life? How have you seen His hand at work in the lives of others? Take time to pray and thank Him. 

Day 2: Read Matthew 2:5-6. Perhaps the last year you have been following what you believe is a God-given vision, you had thought you were finally going to hit your destination, the last step. Then you found out it was just another stop, you wondered where God is, does He know what I’m facing? Where do you need to ask God to guide you to take the next step in your life in the year ahead?

Day 3: Read Isaiah 40:29-30. Isaiah recognizes we all have this in common -- life can wear you out. Isaiah reminds us when life leaves you running on empty, God is able to fill your tank. Where do you feel like your life is running on empty? How can God fill your tank?

Day 4: Read Matthew 2:9-10. The wise men are not just filled with joy, they are on joy with steroids. Mega-Joy!  What is your mega-joy story? You were ready to give up, to throw in the towel, and here comes God making away, giving a new year, a new calendar each day waiting to write your life’s story. Who can you share your mega joy story with today?

Day 5: Read Isaiah 40:31. How are you waiting?  Did you catch Isaiah’s gift while waiting? The Lord will renew your strength. Waiting time is not wasted time. He will renew your strength. Waiting time is God’s refining work time. You don’t give up. He invites you to grow up and be who He made you to be. Where do you find yourself waiting? How might God be using this time to give you His strength?

Day 6: Read Matthew 2:11-12. Why did the wise men give presents to Jesus? And why did you give presents this Christmas? How does giving impact your attitude while you wait?

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