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Five Foundational Practices

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Day 1: Romans 12:1-2. When you come to faith in Jesus, that is the first step, then what’s the next step? Paul gives clear direction in Romans 12:1-2. Being transformed is an ongoing process, a daily step to put one of the practices to work – time in prayer or God’s Word or working to share God’s love with others. To begin where you are and head in the right direction, answer this question: “What do I need to put off so that I can replace it with a God relationship-building practice?”

Day 2: Romans 12:4-5. We all begin in the same place in life, sinners in need of God’s grace. Only by what Jesus has done on the cross are we welcomed into God’s family in the waters of baptism. You become God’s child, unique in who you are, and yet all of us are called to be like Jesus. What do you have that is the same as other Christians? How has God made you unique in who you are, how you rest, how you learn, how you grow in faith, how you serve others?

Day 3: John 13:15, 17. In cultivating faith, being led leads to doing. Identity leads to intention. You show love to others because you are God’s child and God has first shown His love to you, then calls you to share that love with others. When do you find it easy to share God’s love? Why? When is it challenging? Where is God calling you to take the next step in showing His love to someone else in your life?

Day 4: Romans 12:6. Paul uses a whole bunch of gift examples: teaching, giving, serving, encouraging, and leading. He doesn’t say you get them all. That’s greedy. He does say God will work through the one He gives you. That’s grace. And when you put that gift, He gives to work. That’s growth. As you look at Paul’s list (others are listed in 1 Corinthians 12; Ephesians 4:11; 1 Peter 4:11), what “spiritual gifts” has God given you? When have you seen them at work in your life? What is your next step in developing those gifts to build up others and to grow yourself?

Day 5: John 13:12. Showing love to others is not something we pile on top of everything else in life. Love is how you approach everything else in life. Reflect on your life the past 24 hours, how have you shown love to God? To others? To yourself? How might God be leading you to show love in the day ahead?

Day 6: Philippians 3:13. Press on! That’s a marathon phrase. Where are you tempted to give up in your spiritual growth? Where is God calling you to press on? Spend time today (and every day) praying for the Holy Spirit to give you spiritual strength as you press on in your spiritual practices!

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