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Elizabeth: Faith Bearing Joy
Wise Men: Where To Go When Life is Confusing

Simeon: Waiting With Hope

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Day 1: Luke 2:25. Luke writes that Simeon "was waiting for the consolation of Israel." His waiting was more than focused on what he wanted but what the world needed, what God wanted to do for Israel and for all. What leads you to pray for the needs of the world and for God’s desire for all people?  What stops you? Why?

Day 2: Luke 2:38. We share this tendency to replace the real Jesus with the Jesus we want. Christmas claims there was a real Jesus, and He grew up, and coming to know the real Jesus is the most important thing anyone can ever do. Where do you find yourself tempted to distort your picture of Jesus from the One the Bible describes? What keeps your vision of Jesus aligned with the Biblical view of Jesus?

Day 3: Luke 2:25-26. In vs. 25, we see that "the Holy Spirit was upon" Simeon, and in vs. 26 Luke says that the Holy Spirit let’s Simeon know he will one day see the Lord’s Messiah. What life lessons is the Holy Spirit leading you to know and encounter Jesus personally this time of year?

Day 4: Luke 2:27. Luke tells us that Simeon was being guided by the Holy Spirit. Part of that guidance was Simeon’s knowledge of the Scriptures. How has God been speaking to you through His Word this past week? What does that mean for your life today and the year ahead?

Day 5: Luke 2:29. What longing has God fulfilled for you this year that leads you to praise Him? What longing are you praying for God to fulfill that leads you to pray to Him?

Day 6: Luke 2:30-32. When God lets Simeon hold the gift of the Messiah in his arms, He sees God gives greater presents than we can imagine. God is not only interested in saving Israel but in saving all people. How is God stretching your ability to see His love for all people? How is that impacting your prayer life? 

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