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The Patience Formula - “Be patient.” (James 5:7a):

Troubles + Time x Trust = Patience

Day 1: Read James 5:7. We think of patience and just sitting passively waiting and wondering. James doesn’t see the long fuse of patience working passively, that’s why he uses the example of the farmer. The farmer waits patiently for the land to yield its crop, waiting for the rains only God can bring. Where is God calling you to wait patiently? What next steps is He inviting you to take while you wait?

Day 2: Read James 5:8. For long fuse patience James adds stand firm with determination. The word for stand firm means strengthen your heart. How has God strengthened your heart? Where do you need that strength as you face the day ahead?

Day 3: Read James 5:10. James tells us about the prophets so that we build our lives on words that last. Think of the words those prophets spoke for God of “do not be afraid.” Or “God will never leave you nor forsake you.” When suffering comes what words from God do you hold on to as you face the problem?

Day 4: Read James 5:9, 12. You might call these verses warning signs that our patience is waning, and our impatience is leading us to worrying. What warning signs do they trigger as you seek to respond with patience? Where do you need to pray for God’s help as you face problems?

Day 5: Read James 5:11. Job’s patience power is his perseverance. He never let’s go of God. He never gives up his faith, no matter how many troubles he faces or how horrific the losses he experiences. How has God been developing your patient perseverance muscle? Where might He be stretching you to hold on to Him?

Day 6: Read Job 13:15. Job never gets the answer to the why question. You may or may not either. What Job does get is Job gets that God knows him intimately. Even more Job gest a deeper faith because Job’s perseverance leads to a patient hope that God is Job’s redeemer, and that Job will see God. No matter the suffering that has come, no matter even death calls, God gets the final word and that gives Job perseverance, patience, and hope. How do you remind yourself that God knows you intimately? That you can trust Him? How has your faith grown in challenging times?

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