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Day 1: Read James 4:7-10. When you think of submission what images come to mind? Good? Bad? Godly?  How do you respond to the observation “It’s hard to be prideful when you’re standing next to Jesus”?

Day 2: Read James 4:11-12. If you had a pride-ometer, what would the reading be?

Day 3: Read James 4:13-14. We measure life in minutes, James invites us to use God’s time frame, eternity, when measuring life. What difference in planning you day happens when you bring God’s eternal perspective to your life today? Tomorrow?

Day 4: Read James 4:15-17. If it is the Lord’s will – James wants us to know our future as well as our present is in God’s hands. How have you experienced God’s hands at work in your life the past week?

Day 5: Read James 5:1-3. God gives us people to love and stuff to use. What’s the danger in confusing that order, loving stuff and using people? What’s the joyful blessing when we use stuff to love God and people?

Day 6: Read James 5:4-6. How have you found God faithful when you submit your wealth to God? How has He led you to find the joy of serving others, of investing earthly resources for eternal impact?

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