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Day 1: Read James 4:1-2. Wisdom challenges us to ask ourselves two questions: 

  1. Who is calling the shots in my life? 
  2. What makes me do what I do in my life? 

How do you answer those 2 questions for your life?  How do your answers align with God’s answers for your life?

Day 2: Read James 3:13. Think of the wisest person you know. Does their wisdom match James' contention that wisdom isn’t based on what you know, but what you show?

Day 3: Read James 3:14-16. For James what is the danger of “earthly wisdom”? Why is it so dangerous? How have you seen it at work in others? Yourself? Where do you need to ask for forgiveness today?

Day 4: Read James 3:17-18. For James what are the benefits of “heavenly wisdom”? Why is it such a blessing? How have you seen it at work in others? Yourself? Where do you need to ask for heavenly wisdom to be at work in your life today?

Day 5: Read James 4:2-3. For Andy Stanley the best question ever is to ask, “In light of my past experience, my present circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do?” Think of a decision you’re wrestling with today. Pray about it through Andy Stanley’s question. How do you sense God leading you?

Day 6: Read James 4:4-6. James realizes humility is not our default response to life. Humility does not come naturally, but supernaturally. Who is a humble person you know? How do you see God at work through their humility? Through your humility?

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