Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

Prayer: The God Who Hears And Answers
Take Heart

Benediction: Taking God With You Wherever You Go


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Day 1: Read Numbers 6:24. Please note that the “you” is personal. You might think God is telling Moses to give the blessing to everybody, and yes it does apply to everybody. But even more when He says, “The Lord bless you.” He means you personally. Take time to thank God today He knows what you are facing and ask for His blessing in what you face in the day ahead.  

Day 2: Read Psalm 121:5-7.  We are blessed because Jesus pays a price we could never pay and gives us a relationship we could never earn. As we begin our worship services in God’s name, the benediction reminds us God goes with us to not only bless us, but to keep us, to watch over us all our days. Looking back over the past couple days, how has God been watching over you? Where do you pray for Him to watch over in the day ahead?

Day 3: Read Numbers 6:25. In our worship services we take time to confess our sins and hear God’s word of forgiveness. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper and receive the body and blood of Christ for the forgiveness of our sins. As a final personal reminder for you Moses reminds us that the LORD is smiling on you, He’s gracious to you. He has not only forgiven you for the sins of the past week. He’s ready to forgive what the future holds. He will never give up on you. What sins do you need to confess from the past day and receive the forgiveness Jesus gives?

Day 4: Read Psalm 67:1-2. The psalmist having experienced God’s forgiveness recognizes the purpose of living the blessed life is to make God known to all people. No one is too far from God. Jesus died for the sins of all the world. Our Heavenly Father wants everyone back in the family. He offers a life of forgiveness and blessing and sends us forth with His smile on us and His forgiving love over us. Who will you pray for today to know God’s forgiveness and love? 

Day 5: Read Numbers 6:26. For God’s face to be turned to you and to shine upon you means to have an intimate, personal relationship with God. When the benediction says, “the Lord turn his face toward you”. That means He’s paying attention. His eyes are on you. He’s ready to help. Where do you need to ask Him for help today? Where do you need to praise Him for helping you yesterday?

Day 6: Read Psalm 29:10-11. God’s end game is peace, life working together, whole and complete. We think of peace as the absence of conflict or war. God thinks peace is a whole lot more. The Hebrew word Shalom has the idea of life working out. How have you sensed God working out your life this week? This year? Where do you pray for His hand of peace, of life working out in your life this summer?

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