Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

Creed: Remembering Who God Is
Offering: The Grateful Response

Preaching: Thoroughly Equipped

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Day 1: Read 2 Timothy 3:10. Paul doesn’t write these words out of arrogance, but out of care. He has tried his best, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to live a life of example for others. Whose example have you followed in recent days? What example have you set for others?

Day 2: Read 2 Timothy 3:11. Paul has been faithful to God, even while enduring persecution. He focuses the attention on God when he says, “from them all, the Lord rescued me.” Take time to ask God to rescue you from whatever situation or idol is holding you captive.

Day 3: Read 2 Timothy 3:14. Paul admonishes us to “continue in what we have learned.” In what ways are you continuing to learn about the Bible, faith, Jesus, etc.? What goals do you need to set in your continuing journey as a dynamic disciple of Jesus?

Day 4: Read 2 Timothy 3:15. Paul speaks of how childhood is when we start to learn about salvation. In what ways have you mentored the next generation, or participated in their ongoing learning about the faith? Take time today to pray for all the children and parents in our school and church, that they may grow in faith and love towards God and others.

Day 5: Read 2 Timothy 3:16. All of scripture is profitable for teaching. This means that everything in the bible can contribute to how we look at life. Consider starting a daily devotional that takes you through various parts of scripture.

Day 6: Read 2 Timothy 3:17. God wants to equip us for every good work. What growth opportunities do you have in life right now? If you need to work on anger, search for what scripture teaches on anger. If you need to work on loving others, focus on scripture that teaches about what love is.

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You can also watch this week's sermon or read the full message & GPS here.


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