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Because Of Easter ... Open The Door

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Trembling and bewildered, the women went out and fled from the tomb. They said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid. (Mark 16:8)

Day 1: Read Mark 16:6. What do you fear? Where do you need to hear the angel’s words: “Don’t be alarmed”?

Day 2: Read Psalm 34:4. David teaches us to flip our fears into prayers. Take time like David to seek God in your prayers today.

Day 3: Read Mark 16:7. One great way to study the Bible is to personalize it. Replace “AND PETER” with your name in this verse. What does it mean for you to realize when Jesus rose for the dead, He rose for you to have a second chance?

Day 4: Read John 20:30-31. How has your faith in the Easter story of Jesus’ resurrection given your life meaning? Who can you share that story with this week?

Day 5: Read John 20:19. Easter turns graves into gardens. Where in your life today do you need to hear Jesus say: “Peace be with you!”?

Day 6: Read Philippians 4:5-7. Like David, Paul learns to flip fears (or in Paul’s case anxiety) into prayer. Give your worry to God in prayer today. Start first by giving Him thanks. Then ask for His peace amid whatever problem you face.

Recent additional GO DEEPER reading opportunities:

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You can also watch this week's sermon or read the full message & GPS here.


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