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I Trust God To Overcome My Fears
I Trust God To Always Be With Me

I Trust God To Rebuild My Relationships


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Day 1: Read Psalm 23:5. Jesus has the best strategy for dealing with enemies. You turn them into a friend. You rebuild a relationship with the table of forgiveness. You feast on His love as we all gather around His cross. Who do you need to forgive today?

Day 2: Read Mark 6:34. Jesus our Good Shepherd prepares a table before us. We call it the Lord’s Supper, and in this meal He’s not only the host, it’s His body and blood that brings forgiveness. Such forgiveness is to restore our relationship with God. Such forgiveness is to rebuild our relationship with each other. Where do you need to ask God and others to forgive you? 

Day 3: Read Psalm 23:5. A shepherd uses oil to protect from irritations (bugs) and to comfort (heal wounds). What irritations in your life do you need God’s protection? What wounds (physical, social, emotional, spiritual) do you need God’s healing touch?

Day 4: Read Psalm 147:3. When relationships fall apart it hurts! It hurts a lot! Jesus meets us in our pain and brings forgiveness. He works in restoration. What relationship do you need to pray for Jesus' healing and restoration? 

Day 5: Read Psalm 23:5. When God says, "I'm going to fill your cup to overflowing" it means you matter to God and you're special to Him. God wants you with Him always. Take some time to thank God for specific blessings in your life that you recognize as His overflowing love at work?

Day 6: Read Mark 6:41-43. Jesus wants you with Him always. Jesus wants your enemies with Him always. The only path for all of us is not the miracle we can do, but the miracle He did to feed the whole world by giving Himself on the cross for our sins. Pray for relationships to be restored in your life. Pray for division in our county to be healed. Ask God what He wants you to do to connect with others?


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