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This week’s GPS features Psalm 23:6 and excerpts from Mark’s account of Jesus transfiguration. Both remind us of “God always being with me!’’

As a reminder of God’s goodness and love being with you, I encourage you to write the word FOREVER on a 3x5 card and tape it to your bathroom mirror and put another one on the visor of your car. Each time you see it, remind yourself: I will live in God’s goodness and love forever. That’s not just a future promise. That’s a present reality, a life changing, life giving attitude that finds confidence and certainty in the assurance of God’s presence and peace at work.

Day 1: Read Psalm 23:6. David starts off with the word, “Surely.” Notice David doesn’t start off with, maybe. He doesn’t start off with, perhaps. He doesn’t start off with, possibly. He doesn’t even start off with, hopefully. David comes to verse 6, and there is no guesswork, there is a guarantee Why is David so certain about the presence of God’s goodness and love in his life? Why (or why not) are you?

Day 2: Read Mark 9:2. Transfigured. That is Jesus revealed His divine glory. It’s always been there right before them, but they’ve missed it. He’s right here before us, but too often we miss Him. What causes you to miss Jesus' presence in your life? What helps you to see Jesus is with you right now? Where do you need to be reminded Jesus is here in your life with goodness and love guaranteed?

Day 3: Read Psalm 23:6. One thing I learned about Psalm 23, is that the word follow has the idea of relentlessly pursuing until He catches you. It’s one thing to have God’s goodness and love just tag along and follow, it’s another to have His goodness and love relentlessly pursue you. Look over your life from the start of 2021, where have you seen God’s goodness and love relentlessly pursues you?

Day 4: Read Mark 9:7. Listen to His goodness and love. Listen to His story. Live out His message. His goodness and love is not just for Valentine’s Day, or Good Friday, or Easter. His goodness and love are at work in your life every day and in every situation. Where are you praying to be aware of God’s goodness and love at work in your life? 

Day 5: Read Psalm 23:6. David uses the word house, but I get the idea he really means home. To me a house is a place where someone lives, but a home is the place where you want to live. Where do you find it easy to invite God to be part of your life? Where is it challenging to invite God to be part of your life? 

Day 6: Read Mark 9:8. Jesus is the key to dwelling in God’s house, God’s home, forever. That happens not just when you die and go to heaven. That happens when you come to faith in Jesus as your Savior. God takes up residence in your heart. He dwells with you. He moves in to fill your life with His goodness and love and so much more. He doesn’t just do that for a day, or for a moment. He does that forever. How has a FOREVER focus on God’s presence always being with you helped you navigate life this week?


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