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A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood: Won’t You Be A Neighbor?
Harriet: God Will Show You The Way

Toy Story 4: Move Your Self-Image From Trash To Treasure


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The Message this week is part of a great series we do in August called God's Epic Story in Movies.  The third week of August 2020 the movie is: Toy Story 4.

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This week we to continue to develop a spiritual habit called “Lectio Divina” (Spiritual Reading):

  • Reflect/Meditatio
  • Respond/Oratio
  • Rest/Contemplatio
  • Resolve/Incarnatio

Pastor Burkey & Pastor Travis have found Lectio Divina to be a powerful tool for them to hear God speaking into their daily life as each of them engages in His Word. Here are the guidelines that they use, and the following are six days of passages for this week:


Day 1: Read/Lectio: Genesis 2:7; Phrase: _________________________________________

Day 2: Read/Lectio: Genesis 2:21-22; Phrase: _________________________________________

Day 3: Read/Lectio: Ephesians 2:1-3; Phrase: _________________________________________

Day 4: Read/Lectio: Ephesians 2:4-5; Phrase: ________________________________________

Day 5: Read/Lectio: John 15:13 ; Phrase: ________________________________________

Day 6: Read/Lectio: Ephesians 2:10; Phrase: _________________________________________

You can GO DEEPER this week by: 

Here are some detailed Lecto Divina resources:

Previous recent GO DEEPER opportunities:

You can also watch this week's sermon or read the full message & GPS here.


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