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MondayRead Job 23:10. Job confessed that after God has tested him, he’ll come forth as gold. Think back on your life to the greatest “tests” on your faith, your limits, etc. How have those times refined you or made you who you are today?

TuesdayRead Job 2:11-13. When Job is in shock, he sits for seven days in silence. What is the most effective and healthy way that you’ve found to deal with grief, bad news, or heartache? Do you need to take time to go through that process right now?

WednesdayRead Job 23:16-17. Job is at the end of his rope. Sorrow has overcome him. He says “God has made my heart faint.” When have you felt the most sorrow in your life? Have you ever been afraid to, like Job, let it all hang out and cry over that?

ThursdayRead Job 23:2. Job is experiencing the struggle of feeling God’s silence. We struggle with God for two reasons:

  1. We doubt His wisdom
  2. Because we doubt His wisdom, we want to be in control. 

When you have experienced this in life? Take time to pray that you would be able to let go of control and let God be God. 

FridayRead Job 23:17. Even though Job struggled with God’s silence, he refused to be silent himself – continuing to reach out to God in prayer. Don’t let life beat you don’t to the point where you stay down forever. Don’t give up. Pray to God for strength. 

SaturdayRead Job 42:12. God takes the bad in Job’s life and transforms it. Think about your past again, much like you did on Monday. How have those negative moments been used for the good in the rest of your life?

You can GO DEEPER this week by reading the excerpt from the article by Pastor Paul David Tripp on “Refining: Unattractive Ore, Refining Fire, & The Gospel of Refinement” at WWW.PAULTRIPP.COM. Other books from Pastor Tripp:

You can watch this week's sermon message or read the full PDF of the sermon message & GPS.


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