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Tearing Down The Spite House



Keep Calm and Quarantine On

Monday – Read Job 42:2. Job expresses faith in God’s wisdom and God’s purposes. In a time of pandemic, where it seems as though God is either testing us or abandoning us, where do you see things working together for the good? Where do you see a spite house that you’ve formed against God that needs to come down?

Tuesday – Read Job 42:7. God is disappointed with Job’s friends. In his hour of greatest needs, his friends caused even more pain and hurt. They gave poor advice. Think of the times when a friend has been the most caring during a trial. How did that help you through? Think about the times when friends have been the least caring and have caused more pain. How did you forgive them?

Wednesday – Read Job 42:8. God tells Job’s friends that he will deal with them according to Job’s prayer. Job prays for their forgiveness. Who do you need to pray for today that has hurt you?

Thursday – Read Colossians 3:13. God calls us to forgive as we have been forgiven. Take a moment to write out those things that you’ve done wrong. Then, draw a cross over all those things, saying “The blood of Christ covers this.” Now, do the same thing with a list of things people have done to you. 

Friday – Read Ephesians 4:31. The main problem with our unforgiveness is that it changes who we are. Unforgiveness makes a bitter, hateful, spiteful person. That’s not who we want to be. How has unforgiveness made you into someone you don’t recognize? How have you seen unforgiveness make others into someone unrecognizable?

Saturday – Read 2 Corinthians 5:17. Being a new creation means that Christ  is constantly pouring out forgiveness into our lives. As a new creation, we want to be more like Christ. Where do you need to pour out forgiveness in your life right now, tearing down your spite house?

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