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It Is Enough


Day 1: Read Job 14:1-2. I don’t recommend you send this Bible verse on any baby announcement card or baby gift card. I do recommend you appreciate and learn from Job’s honesty. He’s in pain, and he’s honest with that pain. He doesn’t cover it up. He doesn’t hide from it. Where are you experiencing pain in life? Take time to pray to God about your pain, to ask for His presence and peace, and to see the hope He gives in the painful problem you face.

Day 2: Read Job 14:5. Job reminds us if you want a reason for despair, you’ve got one. Life is limited. Pain happens. Job could have simply wallowed in self-pity. Job sees the problem and is honest to lament from his point of view. He doesn’t doubt God or drop his faith in God, but he does declare where he is at with God. Job sees the problem and holds on to hope. Pray honestly to God about where you’re at, and what you need to help you hold on to hope.

Day 3: Read Job 14:7. Besides your own life, where have you seen God’s hope at work?

Stump-still-growingPhoto by qinghill on Unsplash

Day 4: Read Job 14:7.  What is your “sprout in a tree stump” story that gives you hope today? As you look at a problem you are experiencing, where do you see a small detail, a sign, a gift of God’s hope for you today?

Day 5: Read Job 14:8-9. Where do you need to remind yourself if there is a hope for a tree, there is hope for me.? How have you sensed God’s presence and peace in your life this past week? Where do you need to experience His presence and peace today? 

Day 6: Read Job 14:14. The noun “renewal” Job uses, comes from the verb he used to describe a tree sprouting in Job 14:7, leaving little doubt that, with the term renewal, he has hope. Job claims renewal in the midst of his darkness and death. And it all comes from a single, solitary, seemingly insignificant detail of a sprout on the stump of a tree. Where have you experienced a renewal of hope in your life in the past year? The past month? Where do you need the Holy Spirit’s renewing touch of hope?

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