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Red Letter Challenge (RLC)

2020 is almost here.
What can you do to make this year one to remember?
We have a suggestion: The Red Letter Challenge. Imagine a world where Christians take the words of Jesus and put them into practice. Wouldn’t our families, our communities, and our world look amazing?! That’s the goal of the RLC. To take the words of Jesus, those red letters in so many bibles, and put them into practice. 
Here’s my suggestion for your New Years Resolution:
  1. Commit to take the challenge. You can pickup a workbook in the Fireside Room on Sunday morning. 
  2. Worship with us every week of the challenge. Our message series will follow each week of the challenge. 
  3. Join a Life Group (or lead one). Life is better when you’re with others. 
Commit to this life changing journey at
So excited to join you in this!
Pastor Travis Ferguson


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