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As We Talk About The Eternalness Of Our Life
Draw On Your Baptismal Power



Monday – Read 1 Corinthians 15:50-52. Our bodies serve as a constant reminder of the law. Even before we were obsessed with our weight, our health, our hair color, or our cuticles, no man or woman escaped the realization that his/her flesh was leading them straight to the grave. Our bodies are the vehicles of our demise.

Tuesday – Read 1 Corinthians 15:54-58. Death will one day be swallowed up in victory – but the pain of death still haunts us on this side of paradise. People will still be sad until that last day when all things are made right. That said, what are some things you should avoid saying to those who are mourning death?

Wednesday – Read Revelation 21:1. The vision does not necessarily suppose the annihilation of the old creation, but only its passing away as to its outward and recognizable form, and renewal to a fresh and more glorious one. What are the specific things you’re looking forward to seeing “refreshed”?

Thursday – Read Revelation 21:2. The Church is seen as a bride adorned for her husband. But what about the churches that are straying from the Lord? The church that strays from the Lord that seeks her is not the bride of Christ, but more like a Harlot (See the book of Hosea). Where have you seen churches not seek the Lord?

Friday – Read Revelation 21:4. Though Jesus is preparing a place where there will be no more tears, mourning, death, or sadness, that day hasn’t happened for us yet. Until the day where we are all in this new heaven and new earth, our job is to wipe the tears, be there for people, etc. Whom do you need to be this for in your life right now?

Saturday – Read Revelation 21:7-8. Jesus makes it clear that there are two places to exist in eternity: with Him in paradise, or apart from Him in hell. How does this change your sense of urgency regarding the work God has called you to in the world, to be a beacon of hope pointing people to the cross? How can you become more intentional about testifying to Christ in what you say and do?

Two things to consider before next Sunday --

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