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This week's "I AM" statement comes from John 14:6.

Day 1: Read John 14:1. What is the difference for you in focusing on trouble in this world versus focusing on trust in Jesus? How do the troubles of this would pull on your attention? What is the power you have experiences in trusting in Jesus? What troubles do you need to turn over to Jesus today? 

Day 2: Read John 14:2. When you think of your heavenly home what images come to mind? How has Jesus been preparing you for heaven lately? What are some areas of preparation for living in heaven He might still be working on in you this day? 

Day 3: Read John 11:35 and John 11:38. If Jesus has not called you home yet to heaven. He's still proving time for you to prepare and to prepare others, to learn about Him, and to share who He is.  How might God be using you to prepare others for heaven and life with God?

Day 4: Read John 14:4. When Jesus says something and you don't understand what He says what do you do?  Who can you ask? How can you let that question lead you to prayer, and to God's Word, and to the people God has placed in your life? What question do you want to ask Him today? 

Day 5: Read John 14:5. We usually call Thomas, "Doubting Thomas." In this verse, he is "Honest Thomas." He doesn't understand what Jesus is saying,  so he asks a question. Why is it important to be honest with where we are in our relationship with God? Where do you need to have an honest conversation with God?  What holds you back? What helps you to open up to Him? 

Day 6: Read Read John 14:6. Catch the vision and the blessing Jesus is describing for your life with God our Father in this verse:

  • Jesus is the Way and takes believers to the Father's house.
  • Jesus is the Truth and reveals the Father's heart.
  • Jesus is the Life and brings the Father to us so we can have His help and discover the hope He brings.

What helps you to keep on keeping on with Jesus each day? Take time today to pray for Jesus' strength to keep on keeping on with Him! 

You can GO DEEPER this week by reading the book Jesus In The Present Tense: The I Am Statements Of Jesus by Warren Wiersbe.

Don't forget you can watch this week's sermon message or read the full PDF of the sermon message & GPS.

CREATE FOR COMMUNITY PRAYER REQUESTS: For patience with parking challenges during construction (currently estimating completion by the end of August 2019). For safety and efficiency of our construction crews. For those who have given generously for these improvements.



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