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This week's "I AM" statement comes from John 11:25-26.

Day 1: Read John 11:21 and John 11:32. Mary and Martha say the same things. That's a little passive aggressive, isn't it? They are aren't really blaming Jesus, but they are. Aren't we all a little passive aggressive with God? The aren't really blaming Jesus, but they are.  Aren't we all a little passive aggressive with God?  We know God could keep things like this from happening and sometimes we don't understand why God does not. What's your "Lord, if you had been here" moment when you thought God would act, but He didn't? What have you learned in this time of waiting? Where have you sensed His presence even when He didn't act the way you hoped He would?

Day 2: Read John 11:21-22. Where do you, like Martha, need 'even now' faith? What do you need to bring before Him in prayer and embrace His presence today?

Day 3: Read John 11:35 and John 11:38. Why does Jesus weep when He's about to raise Lazarus from the dead? The Bible doesn't tell us for sure.  Some think He's so moved by the passing of Lazarus, He weeps. The used for wept is not one for simply tearing up, but the idea of deep guttural weeping to the core of His being. I think Jesus is so moved by the pain death brings, and the grief He sees present, He's moved to grief over what death has done to God's original plan.  The Bible doesn't invite us to deny our grief or our emotions, but to be honest with them in all days of our life.  Where do you need to be honest with God about your emotions today?

Day 4: Read Isaiah 25:9. In what area of your life do you need to reaffirm your trust in Jesus' care? Why? What is a story from your past when you trusted God and He acted on your behalf? Take time today to rejoice in what God has done in your life and what you can trust He will do.

Day 5: Read John 11:24. Martha affirms what Jesus can do in the past and in the future, but misses His power in the present moment. As you look at your life right now, where do you need to pray for Jesus's power to be at work? Why? Take some time to thank Him for His presence and care, and by faith ask for His power to work in the situation and circumstances you face today.

Day 6: Read Read John 11:25-26. Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life." It's not just what He does; it's who He is. The resurrection is not an event. It is a Person, Jesus Christ didn't just die on a cross to make bad people good. On Easter, He walked out of the tomb to bring dead people to life! Where do you need Jesus' resurrection power at work in your life? What feels dead, that He can bring back to life?"

You can GO DEEPER this week by reading the book The Grave Robber - How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Possible by Mark Batterson.

Don't forget you can watch this week's sermon message or read the full PDF of the sermon message & GPS.

CREATE FOR COMMUNITY PRAYER REQUESTS: For patience with parking challenges during construction (currently estimated as 30% done). For safety and efficiency of our construction crews. For those who have given generously for these improvements.



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