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Moving Forward After Life’s Greatest Failure
Three Words From Jesus’ Death For You Today

The Sweet Swap For A Sour Life


Join us during Lent for food, fellowship, and video series study!

Day 1: Read Luke 23:18-19. In the Sweet Swap, Jesus shows God's love is for real people. As it turns out, Barabbas is first on the list, but not the only one on the list.  Jesus has tried to show throughout His whole ministry, who He is and what God's love is about ... even when He's on trial. What surprises you about the crowd choosing Barabbas? About God letting them choose Barabbas? About God choosing you and taking your place?

Day 2: Read Luke 22:67-69. The religious leaders ask for Jesus to tell them who He is, but they won't believe anything He Says. Instead He will show Barabbas, Caiaphas, and the rest, the full extent of His love on a cross. Where have you had the opportunity to show and/or tell of God's love? Who listened to what you had to say about Jesus? To whom, instead of listening to what you said, were you able to show God's love?

Day 3: Read Isaiah 53:6. Usually when we think of the story of Jesus' death, resurrection, and early church beginnings, we tell the story of Peter's transformation, or how Jesus' brother James, who at one time thought Jesus was crazy, becomes the leader of the church of Jerusalem. Perhaps such success stories give us hope, remind us what God can do, and such stories should. But God's love is not just for Peter and James. It is also for Barabbas, Caiaphas, Pilate, and the rest. Who can you pray for today who does not know Jesus, to come into a living relationship with Him? Who can you pray to invite to our Easter services?

Day 4: Read Luke 23:23-25. Legend has it that Pilate and his wife Claudia become Christians and devote followers of Jesus. The Coptic Church has adopted this legend as truth and calls them both saints.  Who could have guessed there'd be a Saint Pilate? I don't know if that legend is true, but I do know that Jesus died for all sinners - from those in the crowd who shouted for his crucifixion, to Pilate who condemned him to death - no mater what we've done. God loves you as He finds you. Take time today to come clean with your sins and confess them to God, ask for and receive His forgiveness.

Day 5: Read Isaiah 53:5. What wounds do you need to give to Jesus for healing? Give those wounds to Jesus today in prayer.

Day 6: Read 2 Corinthians 5:14 and 2 Corinthians 5:17. What is God making new in your life these days?

You can GO DEEPER this week by reading the book Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine by Max Lucado.

Don't forget you can watch this week's sermon message or read the full PDF of the sermon message & GPS.

CREATE FOR COMMUNITY PRAYER REQUESTS: For patience with parking challenges during construction (currently estimated as 30% done). For safety and efficiency of our construction crews. For those who have given generously for these improvements.



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