Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

From Resolution To Habit
Living Out God’s Life-Building Word

Wise Moves For The Year Ahead


Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Day 1: Read Matthew 2:1-2. The story of the wise men teaches us that God will reveal Himself to anyone who seeks Him. For whom are you praying this year to seek and find God? What might be a star that is beginning to shine in their life to guide them to Jesus?

Day 2: Read Jeremiah 29:13. Where do you find yourself seeking God’s direction today? What blocks your heart from being all in for seeking God?

Day 3: Read Matthew 2:12. God speaks to these wise men in the language of their work life – stars and dreams. Such speaking lines up with the message of His Word. How do you sense God speaking into your life today? What message from His Word is He seeking to connect to your heart and life?

Day 4: Read Psalm 119:105. Where do you need the light of God’s Word to shine on your path today?

Day 5: Read Matthew 2:9-10. You might say, “Well, Pastor, I haven't seen too many bright stars pointing the way in my life.” Yet, think about it. What these wise men did for a living was basically two-fold: interpret the stars and interpret dreams. In other words, God used the circumstances of their everyday job and life to guide them to His Son. He does the same today; maybe not with stars and dreams, but with the stuff of which our everyday lives are made. God is seeking to guide us at our work and in our homes. How have you sensed His guidance for your life’s path this week? Where are you seeking His guidance in the day ahead?

Day 6: Read John 14:6. There are times in our lives when we find ourselves in situations which offer no clear-cut answers. It is at these times when we can entrust ourselves completely to God, knowing that he will lead us each step of the way. Where is Jesus calling you to step out in faith in the year ahead?

Don't forget you can listen to this week's message or read the full PDF of the message & GPS.

 AS PRAY THIS WEEK FOR CREATE FOR COMMUNITY: For patience with parking challenges during construction. For safety and efficiency of our construction crews. For those who have given generously for these improvements.



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