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Living In The Present Tense

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Day 1: Read John 12:14-15. What message does Jesus send to the crowds with His entrance? How does He fulfill their desires and their needs? How does He fulfill your desires and needs today?

Day 2: Read Zechariah 9:9. Besides Jesus’ “entrance animal” for Palm Sunday, what do you learn about Jesus’ purpose for coming then and now? Why do you think Jesus comes into Jerusalem that Sunday knowing exactly what they will do to Him on Friday?

Day 3: Read John 12:13. Jesus received the praise of the crowds in the moment, knowing that crowds are fickle, and He remains faithful. Where are you finding it challenging to remain faithful to God? How might Jesus’ example, and even more His presence, bring you peace in a tough challenge you are facing to remain faithful?

Day 4: Read Philippians 2:8. On Palm Sunday, the people came to praise for a moment, Jesus came to pay for our sins for eternity. Even though the crowd proves to be fickle during Holy Week, Jesus proves to be faithful. What do you learn about Jesus’ love for us in this verse? Since Paul says we are to have the same attitude as Jesus does (see verse 5), how does Philippians 2:8 apply to how you are living in the present tense?

Day 5: Read John 12:16. On that first Palm Sunday, the disciples knew it was an exciting moment, but didn't understand all the implications. Although we may not fully understand the significance of everything that happens in our lives — we can learn to be observant. We can learn to pay attention to each and every moment, each and every day of our lives. Looking back at the last 24 hours, what lesson has God been teaching you? Looking back over the past year, what lessons are you learning?

Day 6: Read Philippians 2:5. Paul goes on to write some of the most powerful words about the meaning of Jesus’ death, and yet notice how he prefaces those words with a call for us to live in the present tense: to live with the same attitude of Jesus. Where do you especially need to approach the day ahead with an attitude of Jesus?

You can Go Deeper this week by reading the book Jesus: A Theography by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola.

Don't forget you can listen to this week's message or read the full PDF of the message & GPS. 

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