Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

What Are You Looking At?
Living In The Present Tense

Facing Life’s Most Difficult Challenge

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Day 1: Read John 12:25. The greatest challenge that you and I will face is the challenge that we face day after day after day: Who's the boss today? Who's calling the shots today? Where do you find it challenging to make God number one in your life? How do you best keep God as your boss each day?

Day 2: Read Hebrews 5:7-9. What lessons have you learned from suffering that have helped you to grow in your relationship with God and others? Where is your heart crying out in prayer today?

Day 3: Read John 12:26. There's a difference between saying, "God, this is what I'm going to do; please bless my plans," and saying: "God, what is it you want me to do? Where do you want me to go?" Where do you sense God leading you today? Why?

Day 4: Read Psalm 119:9. Living according to God’s Word is God’s game plan. That’s true for young and old. The path of purity, of eternal purpose, everlasting power, puts Jesus in the pilot seat and follows the path of God’s Word. Besides using the GPS, how else do you put God’s Word as the game plan for your life?

Day 5: Read John 12:27-28a. Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell said, "There are two great moments in a person's life: the moment you were born and the moment you realize why you were born." Have you realized why you were born yet? What have others affirmed God doing well in and through your life? How did you fulfill God’s purpose for you yesterday? For your life today?

Day 6: Read Luke 22:42. Jesus prays and teaches us to pray a prayer for life’s defining moments. What “cup” are you asking God to take from you? What “cup” is God asking you to drink?

You can Go Deeper this week by reading the book The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee.

Don't forget you can listen to this week's message or read the full PDF of the message & GPS. 


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