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Our Father In Heaven: Our Good, Good Father

Church Work – It’s Not Just For Church Workers


Monday – Read Psalm 90:17. How do we know if our work is actually in favor with God? Pray about your job right now. Ask God to establish that He is to be the Giver of the work you do.

Tuesday – Read Exodus 34:21. Do you have a rhythm of life that includes regular rest? How did God set an example for us in this regard in Genesis?

Wednesday - Read Romans 12:4-5. We work best when we work together – in the Body of Christ and when we represent the Body of Christ to the world. How do you look for opportunities to represent Christ and the church in your work life?

Thursday – Read James 2:18-19. This passage goes on to say “faith without works is dead”. How does your faith reflect in your work – and in your works? What role does the Holy Spirit play in how your work life is impacted by your faith?

Friday – Read Matthew 28:19-20. The Great Commission is considered to be the job description for all believers. This is our part in the work of the gospel.  How do you participate in it?

Saturday – Read Ephesians 2:8-10. Why do you think that verses 8 and 9 go together?  Do you ever find yourself wondering if the work you are doing is “good”? How can you tell?

You can also listen to this week's message or read the full PDF of the message & GPS.


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