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Ruth - Stepping Into God’s Provision
Ruth - You Have A Future

Ruth - When To Work And Wait For God’s Will

Day 1: Read Ruth 3:1-2.  Since their arrival in Bethlehem, Ruth has been the one taking the initiative. Naomi (bitter and empty at the end of Chapter 1) stays home throughout all of Chapter 2. Why does she start taking the initiative now in the story? What moves you to care for others?

Day 2: Read Ruth 3:3-8. Do you risk like Ruth in your obedience to God, or are you tempted to hold back? What might be becoming a holy risk taker, like Ruth, look like in your life?

Day 3: Read Ruth 3:9-10. Ruth changes Naomi’s plan. Why do you think Ruth jumped in with a marriage proposal instead of waiting on Boaz like Naomi advised? Where is God calling you to sacrifice to benefit another?

Day 4: Read Ruth 3:11-13. How does the celebration of Ruth’s character encourage you to be faithful in the quiet, small, everyday moments of life?

Day 5: Read Ruth 3:14-15. How is Boaz fulfilling Ruth’s desire by providing food for Naomi? How has God blessed you this week so that you can bless others? Who has God used this week to bless you? Have you given God and that person thanks yet?

Day 6: Read Ruth 3:16-18. How is waiting challenging for Ruth and Naomi? What helps you to get through times of waiting? Throughout this story of waiting, Ruth takes the initiative. If you are in a season of waiting, what action do you need to take? What action do you need to avoid?

You can GO DEEPER this week by reading the books The Gospel of Ruth: Loving God Enough to Break the Rules by Carolyn Custis James and A Loving Life in a World of Broken Relationships by Paul Miller.

You can also listen to this week's message or read the full PDF of the message & GPS.


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