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This week we are completely focused on Matthew 28:19-20.

NOTE: As we transition to the summer we are adding Thursday night services in addition to our existing Saturday night and Sunday services.  So during the summer the GPS will be published on Thursday and can be used the 6 days after you attend worship as part of your daily devotional time.

Monday (Day 1): Pronounce it! Read Matthew 28:19-20 aloud more than once. How does emphasizing different words change the focus?

Tuesday (Day 2): Picture it! Imagine how you would feel in the situation described in Psalm 1. What would you do and say?

Wednesday (Day 3): Probe it! (SPACEPETS) In Matthew 28:19-20, does it suggest a:

  • Sin to confess?
  • Promise to claim?
  • Attitude to change?
  • Command to obey?
  • Example to follow?
  • Prayer to pray?
  • Error to avoid?
  • Truth to believe?
  • Something to praise God for?

Thursday (Day 4): Paraphrase it! Put Matthew 28:19-20 into you own words. How do translations vary (e.g., word-for-word vs. paraphrase)?

Friday (Day 5): Pray it! Read and pray Matthew 28:19-20 aloud to God. What fresh insights do you receive?

Saturday (Day 6): Personalize it! Insert your name in place of any first-person pronouns in Matthew 28:19-20. What additional insights do you get?

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 You can also listen to this week's message or read the full PDF of the message & GPS


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