Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

Humility: How Credibility Is Earned
What The Church Means For Life Today

Wisdom: The Power Of Perspective


Monday: Read Daniel 4:24-26. How does God provide warning signs in your life that you are headed down a wrong path? When have you missed seeing them ahead of time? Where might you need a wise word to guide you in your life today?

Tuesday: Read Daniel 4:2-3. Where have you been a student in the “School for Fools”? What wise lessons have you learned? Are still learning? With whom are you sharing those wise lessons?

Wednesday: Read Daniel 4:27. Who is a Daniel in your life who speaks humbly and forcefully when you are headed down a foolish path? For whom are you a Daniel? If you have no answer to either of these questions, pray today for a Daniel in your life and to be a Daniel in someone else’s life.

Thursday: Read Matthew 15:3 and Matthew 15:6.  The Pharisees have found loopholes to get them out of following God’s law, such as instead of caring for their parents’ needs they can use resources for their own benefit by claiming it will go to God.  When have you seen “traditions” used as a dangerous path that could lead against following what God says in His Word? What keeps you from falling into this “loophole” trap with God’s law and revelation for your life?

Friday: Read Daniel 4:1. Where and with whom are you sharing your story and experience of God’s great work in your life?

Saturday: Read James 4:6. “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” How have you seen that Biblical truth work out in your life? Where might you need to ask for God’s grace to give you wisdom in decisions you are facing today?

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