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Daniel’s Story - Thriving In The Backwash Of Tough Times
Hope: Where Courage Is Birthed

Prepare For Babylon - Boot Camp For Life's Battles


Monday: Read Daniel 1:6-7. When you live in Babylon, you will not survive and thrive outside community. Who can you name (by name) as part of your community of faith that keeps you connected to Jesus and growing in your faith? Who might name you as part of their community of faith building up their faith? 

Tuesday: Read John 14:19. Jesus is our connecting point. He brings us together. We need times of solitude with Jesus and times of community. When do you invest time alone with Jesus? Time with others with Jesus? What benefits are there to time with Jesus alone and time with Him with others?

Wednesday: Read Daniel 1:8. Daniel resolved in his heart he would not get tangled up with anything that would cause him to betray his deepest values. He resolved in his heart he would honor God. Where have you had to stand your ground to stay true in your faith in  God? What area of life do you need to clarify your values in work, home, or friendships?

Thursday: Read John 14:15-16. When Jesus calls us to obedience, what does that obedience look like? How does the Holy Spirit guide you in such obedience? If you could ask the Holy Spirit one question about a situation you are facing, what would it be? Then go ahead and ask Him in prayer.

Friday: Read Daniel 1:9. Daniel knew that in order to maintain his commitment to obedience, he needed God's help to do it. Where do you affirm and thank God for His favor, His grace, at work in your life? Where do you need that favor at work in your life?

Saturday: Read 1 Peter 1:6-7. Researches say that the factor that causes people to give up most often is not when their suffering gets more intense, it's when they believe their suffering has no meaning or purpose.  How does your relationship with God get you through tough times? Why are His grace and favor so important for you to remember when tough times comes?

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