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Eatyourveggies-300x285Monday: Read Daniel 1:8. Hope is more than an emotion you feel. Hope is an attitude the Spirit of God creates. Why is Daniel’s decision about his diet important for him to build hope in his life? What decisions have you made or need to make to live out the hope attitude the Spirit of God gives you?

Tuesday: Read Romans 8:26-27. How does knowing that the Holy Spirit prays for you in all of life, and especially during life’s challenges, influence your prayer life? Who prays for you? For whom do you pray on a regular basis? Why?

Wednesday: Read Daniel 1:9. The phrase “Now God” is the secret to Daniel’s hope. Daniel’s not banking on his eloquence or goodness, but God’s grace and favor. How have you experienced the what goes around comes around response in your life? When did God’s grace and favor show up and change the outcome? Where is God calling you to bring His grace and favor to change a situation in your life?

Thursday: Read Romans 8:38-39. Nothing can separate us from God’s love. Paul gives a few examples in these verses to affirm God’s love never lets go. What examples might you add where God’s love has never let you go? Where do you need to ask God to remind you His love will never let you go?

Friday: Read Daniel 1:12. “Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” As people who live with a sense of eternity, we are better able to navigate life with God’s perspective of time. Where do you need to redeem your use of God’s gift of time? Where might you need a Daniel-type experiment with your time?

Saturday: Read Daniel 1:15. Ray Johnston in his book, The Hope Quotient, shares various tools for building hope. One tool he shares is the need for a soul-sharpener in our lives. Based on Solomon’s wise words in Proverbs 27:17“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” A soul-sharpener helps you develop spiritually and is willing to push you to be your best in the spiritual arena of life. Who are your soul-sharpeners? Who inspires your hope to give birth to courage? Where does God want to use you as a soul sharpener for someone else?

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