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Easter Hope: See, Bring, Meet


Monday: Read John 20:1-2. What if Jesus' body is missing instead of resurrected? What happens to the Christian faith? What happens to your faith?

Tuesday: Read Romans 8:28. Easter hope sees good news in what seems like bad news because God is present. Where have you experiences the good news of Easter hope amid bad news? Where could you use Easter hope awareness today?

Wednesday: Read John 20:3-8. Fast John beats bold Peter to the tomb. At first, John is curious, Peter theorizes and wonders, and then John sees again and gets it. When did Easter come true for your life.

Thursday: Read John 20:9. Easter brings God's promise into the present. Part of the disciples challenge that first Easter is they forgot Jesus' promises of His death and resurrection.  What Easter appearance questions do you have?

Friday: Read John 20:10-15? Mary couldn't see Jesus because of her focus - she's looking for a dead body, not a risen Savior. What hurts your focus on Easter hope? What helps you focus on Easter hope?

Saturday: Read John 20:16-18. As you have read the Easter story this week, what have you heard God speak into your life? How does it feel to have Jesus as your Brother.

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