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What’s Your Babylon?
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Daniel’s Story - Thriving In The Backwash Of Tough Times


Monday: Read Daniel 1:3-4. Where does life feel out of control? Do you see God at work? He is always present. He is always working to bring good even in the worst of situations. In what area of life do you need to ask to sense His presence and work in your life?

Tuesday: Read John 16:33. Sometimes we find ourselves thrust into Babylon, not by our choice, but because of the actions of others. Jesus predicted such trouble in our world, bad things happening to good people. He faced His own Good Friday. Where in your life do you need to affirm that we are Easter people in a Good Friday world? Where is God calling you to bring His peace in a world filled with trouble?

Wednesday: Read Daniel 1:7. Being in Babylon often causes us to question everything about life, and even about ourselves. Daniel even gets a name change, but never forgets his God-given name. What nicknames are you known by? What name has God given you to describe your life and purpose

Thursday: Read Daniel 1:21. When you find yourself in Babylon, don't forget who you are or whose you are. Daniel will remain in exile through multiple regime changes, and will still define himself by his name. What pulls you away from your identity as God’s child? Today take time to remember your baptism. You are His child. Thank God for the gift of being in His family.

Friday: Read Daniel 1:1-2. God allowed this to happen. He was in control of what seemed to be an out-of-control situation. God had a plan for Daniel, even in the courts of the enemy. Where do you feel life is out of control? Where do you need faith that God is in control?

Saturday: Read Hebrews 12:4. We may not have shed blood for our faith, but perhaps you have shed tears or you have faced social pressure. What pressures you to move against your faith in God? What empowers you to live in tough times with faith that God is in control?

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