Your Personal Grow-Pray-Study (GPS) Guide

Resurrection Faith In Times Of Grief
Easter Hope: See, Bring, Meet

Obedient Faith In Times Of Trial


Join Christ Lutheran Church in La Mesa, CA for Easter Services this year (pdf).

Monday: Read John 12:12-13. When are you tempted to tell God what to do? What helps you to keep God in the chair to call the shots in your life?

Tuesday: Read Revelation 7:9-10. How does this glimpse of heaven inspire you for your future life in heaven? How does this glimpse of heaven inspire you for your life here on earth?

Wednesday: Read Psalm 118:25. Hosanna means us “save us now” and “grant us success”. Where are you praying for God to save in your life today?

Thursday: Read Luke 19:41. Why does Jesus weep over Jerusalem? What leads you to weep for our world today? Why? How can you turn those tears into prayers?

Friday: Read John 12:14-15. What message does Jesus send to the crowds with his entrance? How does He fulfill their desires and their needs? How does He fulfill your desires and needs today?

Saturday: Read Philippians 2:6-8. Why was Jesus willing to be thoroughly humiliated? Why did Jesus have to die? In what specific ways is this a gift to receive? An example you can apply? A life changing story you celebrate and share with others?

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