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Eye-Opening Faith In Times Of Suffering


Monday: Read John 9:1-2. The disciples see this man as a theological case study. What leads them to their two options they present to Jesus? How have you been the recipient of blame when you have suffered? When are you tempted to blame when suffering comes?

Tuesday: Read John 9:3-4. Jesus comes up with a third option for the blind man's condition - glorify God. Even more amazingly, He invites us to join him in the work. Notice the use of the word "we" in verse 4.  How have you been the recipient of blessings when you have suffered? When are you moved to bless when suffering comes? What lessons do you learn in comparing your answers on Monday with your answers today?

Wednesday: Read Psalm 142:1-2. A maskil is an obscure Hebrew word which some see as a piece of wisdom. What wisdom does David demonstrate as he begins this psalm?  Why is David's prayer motivated more by character building than comfort finding? What keeps you from being honest with God in your prayers? What keeps you honest with God in your prayers?

Thursday: Read Psalm 142:3 and Psalm 142:7. When suffering is overwhelming, you pray it through, write it down, walk it out.  How do you see David moving through his suffering in this psalm? Why is it key to build your life with the understanding of God David has, when he says in verse 3, "it is you who know my way." Where do you need to remind yourself that God knows the way in your suffering?

Friday: Read John 9:14-16. When are you more of a "seeing-is-believing" person? When are you more of a "believing-is-seeing" person? What helps you stay in the "believing-is-seeing" mode?

Saturday: Read John 9:35-39. Some Pharisees see Jesus as a Sabbath lawbreaker. The blind man who can see - sees Jesus as a Savior. As you look at suffering in your life, how can you embrace life from God's point of view? Ho can you help others to do so, as well?

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At Just The Right Time


Monday: Read Ephesians 1:22-23. How do we make sure that Christ is the head of our church? How do some churches push Christ away from His place as head of the church? Thank God for the human leadership He has provided through our pastors and staff.

Tuesday: Read 1 Corinthians 12:25-26. What is the best context for us to share in each other's joys and sorrows at Christ Lutheran Church? (HINT: Can you spell LIFE GROUP?)

Wednesday: Read Romans 12:4-5. Have you consider what your function in the body of Christ is? Even if it is obvious to you, take a moment to consider how you function at Christ Lutheran Church and how are connected to other parts of the body here?

Thursday: Read Hebrews 10:24-25. On Sunday, you were encourage to encourage someone who is serving our church in a role or position. Pray for that person you have encouraged today.

Friday: Read Matthew 28:19-20. Take a moment to recall all the mission opportunities that you have seen here at Christ Lutheran Church over the years.  Recall your participation - as sender or as sent.  Thank God for the richness of our missions.

Saturday: Read Malachi 3:10. Pray that every member of our church would learn to see giving as a spiritual act of worship.  Consider how our Create for Community plan could be an opportunity for us to take God up on His offer to test Him in His faithfulness.

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Follow Through With Faith


Monday: Read John 3:16. Faith isn't a prize we earn, but a gift to be received. Why is it important to see faith as a gift given rather than a wage earned? When are you tempted to see faith as a result of something you earn? How does John 3:16 help you keep faith as a gift?

Tuesday: Read John 3:17. Why is this verse so important to connect with John 3:16? If God did not send Jesus into the world to condemn the world, why are Christians often seen by non-Christians as so condemning?   How can you be a better witness of the gift Jesus brings to the people in your world this week?

Wednesday: Read Genesis 12:1. Where has God called you to step out in faith, "to go?" How did you respond? Where is God calling you now to step out in faith, "to go?" How will you respond?

Thursday: Read Genesis 12:2-4. Notice how often variations of the word "bless" is used in these verses. What is God seeking to communicate to Abram? To you?

Friday: Read Romans 4:16. Trusting God realizes that God has not only promised to forgive sin, but to forgive my sin, to forgive me. Where do you  need to come clean with God today about your sin? What leads you to trust His forgiveness? What might be a barrier holding back your trust in His great gift of forgiveness?

Saturday: Read Romans 4:17. We were made to play a part in His story. Abram was chosen by God - not because he was qualified, but because Abram had faith. Where is God calling you to step out in faith, to be part of God's story? Take time today to pray for a faith that follows through with God's call of your life.

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Value The Gift Of Journeying Together


Monday: Read 1 Chronicles 29:16. If it all belongs to God, why does He want us to give? What is the value of everybody giving and sacrificing together on a Journey of Generosity?

Tuesday: Read Romans 5:15. If we are saved by grace, why do people think we are saved by what we do? As you think of God's grace guiding our life, where has God been speaking into your life? How have you sensed His guidance this year?

Wednesday: Read 1 Chronicles 29:17. Where is God calling you to follow boldly? When do you find it easy to follow God's will? What makes the journey more challenging to follow Him? How can others help you in this journey?

Thursday: Read 1 Chronicles 29:18-19. Soren Kierkegaard observed, "Life can only be understood backward, but must be lived forward." Being faithful isn't a call to being perfect, to having it all together. Being faithful means that despite our disorienting circumstances, we keep moving forward in faith and in trust. What keeps you focused on God when life becomes disorienting? Who prays for you to obey completely?

Friday: Read Proverbs 3:5-6. Trusting God is completely is like jumping in a pool. Once you jump, you are fully committed. Where is God calling you to jump? What is holding you back? What's holding you back? What's pulling you eagerly forward?

Saturday: Read Mark 9:22-24. I love the man's prayer, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!" Where do you need to pray Lord, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief"?

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