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Monday: Read John 3:16. Faith isn't a prize we earn, but a gift to be received. Why is it important to see faith as a gift given rather than a wage earned? When are you tempted to see faith as a result of something you earn? How does John 3:16 help you keep faith as a gift?

Tuesday: Read John 3:17. Why is this verse so important to connect with John 3:16? If God did not send Jesus into the world to condemn the world, why are Christians often seen by non-Christians as so condemning?   How can you be a better witness of the gift Jesus brings to the people in your world this week?

Wednesday: Read Genesis 12:1. Where has God called you to step out in faith, "to go?" How did you respond? Where is God calling you now to step out in faith, "to go?" How will you respond?

Thursday: Read Genesis 12:2-4. Notice how often variations of the word "bless" is used in these verses. What is God seeking to communicate to Abram? To you?

Friday: Read Romans 4:16. Trusting God realizes that God has not only promised to forgive sin, but to forgive my sin, to forgive me. Where do you  need to come clean with God today about your sin? What leads you to trust His forgiveness? What might be a barrier holding back your trust in His great gift of forgiveness?

Saturday: Read Romans 4:17. We were made to play a part in His story. Abram was chosen by God - not because he was qualified, but because Abram had faith. Where is God calling you to step out in faith, to be part of God's story? Take time today to pray for a faith that follows through with God's call of your life.

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