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Faith: Believe What God Can Do Through You
Give What God Has Given You

Live With A Spirit To Bless

Create-for-communityMonday: Read 1 Chronicles 29:9. At Christ Lutheran Church Ministries, we want people to know that God is abundantly generous and wants to equip each of us to a lifestyle of generosity. As you think about your own life of generosity and passing that on to bless others you influence, what do you want for the people you model generosity?

Tuesday: Read 1 Chronicles 29:5. Next weekend is our commitment weekend for our journey of generosity called, “Create for Community”. The end of today’s verse provides a great question, “Who is willing to consecrate himself to the LORD?” As you prayerfully consider your sacrificial gift, what has God been saying about how He wants you to respond? What will you do?

Wednesday: Read Matthew 5:3. The first beatitude speaks of our need to be aware of our sin and repent. One definition of repentance is, “God wants you to fall on your knees and take your future back while you still have the chance.” Where do you need to come to God in repentance? Where do you need to come home to God?

Thursday: Read Numbers 6:22-27. Dallas Willard defined blessing as “the projection of good into the life of another.” As you pray through these verses, pray specifically for God to send His good and protection to that person, for God’s radiant love to flow through their life, and for them to sense God’s presence and “shalom” peace that brings wholeness, meaning, and purpose to their lives.

Friday: Read 2 Corinthians 9:1-2. When do you find yourself eager to be generous? Why is it difficult to be generous? Why the difference between eager and difficult in generosity?

Saturday: Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-7. As you prayerfully consider your sacrificial gift to Create for Community, how has God led you to plan your response? Are you ready to give your sacrificial gift with great joy?

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