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Holding Everything Together When Your World Falls Apart
Immanuel: God With Us

Mission Trips To Burundi & Vietnam


Monday: Read Isaiah 42:1-2. What do we learn about Jesus in these verses? What surprises you about this description of Jesus? What gives you hope?

Tuesday: Read Isaiah 42:2-3. How do the images of a bruised reed and a smoldering wick describe the justice and hope that Jesus brings to life today? Where do you need to have such hope in your life? Where can you bring such justice and hope from Jesus to others today?

Wednesday: Read Isaiah 42:5-7. These verses provide a great description of what it means to serve at Christ Lutheran Church. When we serve, we bring Christ's love in works and words. How do these verses describe what it means for Jesus to be the light of the world? What does it mean for you to be Jesus' light in the world? Hos is your light shining?

Thursday: Read Luke 8:26-29. We read in the book of James (James 2:19) that even the demons know the power of God. These verses are an example of such response to Jesus from the demons possessing this man. Where do you need to pray for an awareness of God's power at work in your life? As you give thanks to God today for who He is, take time to thank Him for His power at work?

Friday: Read Luke 8:30-37. How do the crowds respond to the miracle of Jesus? On of my favorite titles for these verses is: "Solve Our Problems, But Save our Pigs." A times God does a powerful work outside of our comfort zone. Where is God stretching you to see His Power at work?

Saturday: Read Luke 8:38-39. If you were asked to tell all that God has done for you, what would you say? Who can you tell?

You can also listen to this week's message or read the full PDF of the message & GPS.


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