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September 2016

1960s: You’re Either A Missionary Or You Need One


: Read Acts 1:1-8. The instructions were clear; don’t start the mission until God’s Holy Spirit is powering it. Once the Holy Spirit showed up, what would the super-natural consequence be? What is your witness at home, in your neighborhood, at work, and beyond?

Tuesday: Read Acts 13: 46-48. Who do you think first rejected the Word of God as Paul and Barnabas spoke it? Have you ever shared God’s Word with someone who then rejected that Word? How did that make you feel? From this passage, to whom does God desire his Word to be carried?

Wednesday: Read Colossians 1:19-20. All Christians are carriers of the Good News of Jesus. We are God’s representatives, carrying His message to all people. How does this passage summarize the message we carry? What kind of peace does Jesus bring?

Thursday: Read Romans 10:13-15. This is a powerful and popular passage in which we see how it is that people can call on the name of the Lord to be saved. They need to believe in Jesus. To believe in Jesus they need to hear about Jesus. To hear about Jesus someone needs to teach them. Finally, the person who teaches them needs to be sent. Wow! Where do you see yourself fitting in this process?

Friday: Read Revelation 21:1-8. This passage gives us a beautiful and fearful picture of the new heaven and new earth that God will ultimately create. Why is it beautiful? Why is it fearful? How can this passage encourage and motivate you to take seriously your role in God’s great mission?

Saturday: Read Psalm 96:1-3. God’s mission has always been to all people, from every nation and language. How does this passage affirm that truth? Take a moment in prayer to praise and glorify God and pray for His mission to be mightily carried out in your life and in the life of your church.

1950s: Advancing Christ From Generation To Generation


Monday: Read Psalm 78:4b. What are some of the great acts of God in history? How could anyone forget such acts of God? Whose responsibility is it to see that they are remembered? What are some of the great acts of God in your family? Who is telling them to the next generation?

Tuesday: Read Psalm 78:6-7. If we’re going to be effective at making disciples of all nations, we must be intentional about making disciples in succeeding generations. Do you pray for the unborn future generations? Will you pray today for God to work in the generations of your family “yet to be born”? Pray for them to know God and be used by God to connect others to Jesus.

Wednesday: Read Mark 10:14-15. What lessons of faith have children taught you? What lessons of faith are you teaching children?

Thursday: Read Mark 10:16. Dallas Willard says that blessing is the projection of good into the life of another. As you go through your day, seek to bring God’s blessing into the lives of others. As you look back at yesterday, how did you bless and how were you blessed? As you look ahead to today, how can you be more intentional in blessing others?

Friday: Read Romans 10:13. With whom could you share what these verses mean and why they are important? Is there someone for whom you could pray, that he or she will soon believe in, confess, and call upon the Lord? Pray persistently that God will send them messengers with the news. Pray with the attitude that you are available if He wants to send you.

Saturday: Read Romans 10:14-15. Who has God sent into your life to tell you about Jesus? Where is He sending you to tell others about Jesus?

You can GO DEEPER this week by reading the book The Bridger Generation by Thom Rainer

You can also listen to this week's message or read the full PDF of the message & GPS.

1940s: During A Time Of War A Church Of Hope Was Born

: Read Romans 15:4. What are two Bible stories that inspire your hope in God? Why?

Tuesday: Read Jeremiah 29:11. In a trendy world, why is it so vital to hold on to a timeless hope? How has God’s work in your past provided a confident hope for your future

Wednesday: Read Romans 15:5. Paul’s phrase “complete harmony” reminds us as a church, we sing the same song of Jesus, but we have different notes that we “sing” in developing dynamic disciples. As you look at Christ Lutheran Church, what are some “notes” of the life of Jesus at work that you see? Have you identified the “notes” God created you to play in our community, at our church, and in San Diego?

Thursday: Read Jeremiah 29:7. The wise words of this verse remind us to pray for the community where God has placed us. As you look out on San Diego, and La Mesa in particular, where do you sense God calling you to pray for His peace and His prosperity to be at work? Take time to pray for our community as a church and La Mesa, and San Diego county.

Friday: Read Romans 15:6. We typically think of waiting as either a passive word (just sitting around) or a frustrating word (passing time until what we are waiting for happens). Hope reminds us to actively wait – to sing the song God has given us to sing, to declare His glory, to be His witnesses. As part of your waiting on God today, think of five specific reasons to praise God for who He is and what He is doing in your life today.

Saturday: Read Psalm 33:20, 22. We not only wait in hope, we also put our hope in God. Hope is a who--hope is Jesus. Knowing what Jesus has done in our past, gives power to our present life, and hope for tomorrow. In what area of your life, do you need to wait in hope for the LORD?

You can GO DEEPER this week by reading the book The Hope Quotient: Measure It. Raise It. Never Be the Same by Ray Johnston.

You can also listen to this week's message or read the full PDF of the message & GPS.

Go And Serve All Nations


Monday: Read John 8:12 and Matthew 5:14-16. To whom was Jesus’ ministry directed? How do you let Christ’s light shine within you? How do you hide Christ’s light within you?

Tuesday: Read Matthew 28:19-20, Luke 24:47and Acts 1:8.  In what different ways did Jesus state his “Great Commission” in these passages? How do you and your home church act upon the Great Commission? Pray that you would be obedient to God’s Great Commission.

Wednesday: Read 1 Timothy 4:1-3 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5. From these passages write summaries of how the Bible describes world conditions in the last days.

Thursday: Read Matthew 9:36-38. As Jesus looked on the needs around him what did he ask his disciples to pray? When you look at the world around you, where does your heart have compassion? Pray about that situation where you see the need for compassion.

Friday: Read John3:18. From this passage, what is humanity’s condition apart from God? Read 1 Peter 3:18. What did Jesus do to bring condemned men to God? Pray a prayer of thanksgiving to God for your faith in Jesus and the forgiveness of sins. Pray for faith in Jesus in the life of someone you know who does not have saving faith.

Saturday: Read Matthew 4:19. What is the best preparation for sharing Christ with others? Explain your answer. What might this look like in your life?

You can also listen to this week's message or read the full PDF of the message & GPS.